We are a group of Farmington residents who are tired of seeing so many children quit school, join gangs, use drugs or commit suicide. Research is irrefutable that many, if not most, of the children making such horrendous decisions today come from divorced homes. We are also tired of seeing so many couples in destructive or less-than-satisfying marriages. Simply put, our goal is to reduce divorce and strengthen marriages and families in our four corners area. We address the situation on three fronts, and with multiple strategies. (we will address those strategies in future articles.)

First, we help those who are preparing for marriage to have a clearer picture of what’s in store for them. We as a society will not license individuals to drive an automobile without first determining that they know how to safely operate an automobile. Why then do we license individuals to marry without first determining that they are prepared to be married? Many divorces occur because the parties were not at all well suited to each other in the first place. Many more marriages fail because the parties lacked the requisite skill and knowledge to navigate through the storms which all marriages will face. We simply must do a better job of preparing folks for marriage.

Second, we help married folks stay happily married. Marriage, like most anything else in life, requires proper care and attention to thrive. It seems, however, that many couples get so caught up in the rapid pace of life that they stop giving their relationship the time and attention it deserves. We will help couples know how to maintain a positive focus for their marriage well after the honeymoon effect has worn off.

Our third approach to improving the marriage climate in our area is to address those in deeply troubled marriages. There is no doubt that some marriages should end. The Coalition does not at all advocate staying in a marriage where abuse of any kind is occurring and not likely to stop. We are all about promoting healthy marriages, not unhealthy marriages. It is also true, however, that many marriages end which could have been restored to a joyful state. We provide hope and resources by which any marriage can be saved if the parties want it to be saved.

There is no doubt that we have formidable challenges ahead of us. The state of marriage has been deteriorating for several years and we have no illusions that this will change quickly or easily. Our dream, however, is that as we band together and form a true coalition of businesses, individuals, organizations and faith-based ministries we will be an unstoppable force for good. Please revisit this web site often for more specifics about strategies we currently have in the works and others as they develop. Your thoughts and input are most valued and welcomed. Let’s fight this fight together.