Can this really turn a relationship around?

One of my favorite songs – my theme song in fact – is “Give the World a Smile Each Day.”
Now I realize we live in serious times, and my list of problems likely runs as deep as yours. But isn’t also true that there are billions of people on this planet who would gladly trade places with us on any given day – we take their problems, and they take ours?
Life is not a competition, and the fact that others are suffering more than we are should not at all help us to feel better. But it should serve as a reminder that maybe our problems aren’t’ so bad in the overall scheme of things.
There is extensive research today that reveals the health benefits of gratitude. I’m talking about mental health, physical health, emotional health, and – you may have guessed – relationship health.
When you are in a close relationship with someone at work, at home, or anywhere else the other person’s faults will likely become apparent to you over time. When you find yourself focusing more on their bad points than their good, the relationship is in or is headed for trouble.
At these moments it is especially important to force yourself to look on the bright side as they say. To remind yourself of the other’s good qualities and what you appreciate about them.
When life gets heavy, and you feel overwhelmed, this is also a good time to pause and remember all that is right in your life. I often suggest to my coaching clients that they make a list of five to ten aspects of life that they appreciate and for which they feel grateful. Each morning or whenever they start their day, they are to write down these specific parts of their life that bring them a smile or warm their heart.
They are then advised to put their list in their pocket and then take it out at various times in the day to read it and remember that in spite of the bad it is still a wonderful life.
Please don’t expect gratitude to help turn a relationship around in just a day or two. I am convinced, however, that implementing the regular practice of feeling and expressing gratitude will indeed have a positive effect on you and on any relationship in your life.