A Solid Investment for Your Marriage

You have likely heard that more marriages end over money issues than any other source. I’m not so sure that is true, but all couples need to find a way to navigate this challenging aspect of marriage and life. This week’s post is guest written by Virginia Ramalho. She and her husband Greg gained mastery over their finances through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and now they seek to help other couples do the same.

As you are about to read, there is a class starting soon and I wholeheartedly recommend you check it out. You’ll also read other information about Virginia and Greg, about the class and how to enroll.

 What’s coming up?

We are revving up to lead the next Financial Peace University Class at Pinon Hills Community Church 5101 N. Dustin Ave.; Farmington, NM 87401.  FPU will begin on September 24, 2017, at 10:00AM (90 minute classes) for nine consecutive Sundays.

What is FPU?

Dave Ramsey teaches a nine week class outlining and describing his ‘baby steps’ model to gaining financial freedom and teaches us to manage money God’s way.  Dave helps us to understand the misnomers of today’s society and culture in regard to debt, insurance, and investing.

What lead you to FPU?

We had heard of Dave Ramsey in the past, but didn’t really know what Financial Peace University was all about.  After friends of ours took Financial Peace University, we did some investigating into the upcoming schedule at our church.  At the time, our church did not have a class scheduled and we were asked if we’d be interested in leading the next FPU.

What is your personal experience with FPU?

FPU provided us with the tools we needed to get unified with our financial goals as a married couple.  In the first few months we attended class, we saved $1500 in annual auto/home insurance premiums and in the first year of following FPU’s ‘baby steps’ we eliminated over $35,000 of debt.  Life has brought us lots of change in the last few years, but we are extremely grateful that we had the tools FPU teaches to get us through some rough patches.

Why do you continue leading groups through FPU?

FPU has been a game changer for us, the way we communicate, and the way we manage our money.  Previously, we made a life time of bad money decisions, but the good thing is that it’s never too late to change.

We believe strongly that the tools Dave teaches in FPU provide what’s needed to take charge of your money and build the financial wellness we all dream of (saving, spending, giving, and living).  Each time we coordinate an FPU class, we get to re-calibrate our plan for financial success.

We have enjoyed meeting new people, making new friends, and watching this program improve the lives of others.  Sharing our successes and hearing others’ throughout the class is very moving, builds on accountability, and encourages everyone involved.  After class, it is very rewarding bumping into FPU graduates and hearing the successes they’ve experienced and continue to experience.  We’ve never met one disappointed FPU graduate.

Who should take FPU?

No matter where one is in life (student, single, married, divorced, retired) there are huge benefits to learning the steps taught in FPU and we enjoy having the opportunity to share this with others.  This will be our fourth FPU class (as coordinators), but we truly do learn more each time we go through the process.  We believe anyone can do this.

How does one register/sign up for the class?

Go to the website/link below to sign up and pay for the materials.  Once registered, you will be a life time FPU member.