Who or what is the Four Corners Coalition
for Marriage and Family, Inc.?


We are a group of Farmington residents who are tired of seeing so many children quit school, join gangs, use drugs or commit suicide. Research is irrefutable that many, if not most, of the children making such horrendous decisions today come from divorced homes. We are also tired of seeing so many couples in destructive or less-than-satisfying marriages. Simply put, our goal is to reduce divorce and strengthen marriages and families in our four corners area. We address the situation on three fronts, and with multiple strategies. (we will address those strategies in future articles.)


First, we help those who are preparing for marriage to have a clearer picture of what’s in store for them. We as a society will not license individuals to drive an automobile without first determining that they know how to safely operate an automobile. Why then do we license individuals   READ MORE




Coming to Farmington, NM March 21, 2015!